August 30-More Cave Dwelling Photos

13 Nov

August 30-Gila Cliff Dwellings

13 Nov

Missionary Photo

13 Nov

Missionary Photo

New Mission Address

13 Nov

Sister Lauren Bryce
939 W. Chapala Rd.
Tucson, AZ 85704

13 Nov

Chistosa experiencia de la semana
Yesterday, we were going out to the truck to head to church, and I heard Sis. Vawdrey say, “Hello.” I knew I had the phone, so I didn’t know who she was talking to. She was pointing to the bed of the truck so I looked. She said, “Excuse me,” as she tapped this sleeping man on the shoulder. haha. He woke up kinda confused (as were we). His name was Luis. We invited him to church and he just sat in our truck for a bit looking around and trying to figure out what was pasando. He said, “Lo siento, lo siento. . . ” We were like, “Esta bien . . . ” He was still sitting in our truck. After another minute or two, he said, “Me voy.” (I’m going) My companion just said, “Andale pues.” jaja.

August 2- Some Photos

13 Nov

July 25-Que buenos los susurros del espieitu

13 Nov

Hola mis queridos amigos!

Esta semana pasada fue muy muy bien, pero no lo muestra en los numeros.

Well, we played sports with the Elders today. I learned that I am basketball is not one of my strongest talents, but I am good at lots of other things. It was good exercise though, so I’ll probably do it again. I would rather go wakeboarding, but it’s against the white handbook.

There’s a new Elder in my district who also is a big fan of John Mayer. We are going to teach him the lessons one day, we decided. We go home about the same time, so it will work out soon.

It’s been really beautiful here the past week. It’s rained almost every day. It is monsoon season over in Tucson and kinda over here too, but we don’t get it as badly as they do.

Sunday was really good, we had a lot of less active families in church. We had been trying to visit them more this past week, and it really helped i think. It is really joyful when they come back to church and can tell a difference in their lives.

One really cool experience happened a few days back. My companion y yo were planning our lessons for the day and we just felt awful. So, we tried many ideas and still nothing seemed right. Eventually, we were out of time and had to leave for an appointment we had with someone at 11:00. While we were driving, we still had this terrible feeling and so we started thinking, maybe we’re not supposed to go to this appointment, which is kinda silly because we should be on time for and keep our appointments so people think we’re reliable. So, we pulled over and prayed for some guidance. After praying, Sister Vawdrey said, “Maybe we need to find someone else right now.” I said, “I feel like we need to go back home.” Going home is one of the silliest things you could do because missionaries don’t get work done while they’re just sitting at home. But, I felt like that’s where we needed to go. We were really confused, but we just kept going. We looked for people all along the way home, and didn’t feel impressed about anything. So, we ended up en casa y we went inside. I changed my shirt. Then we were leaving, on the way out, I said, “Maybe we just needed to grab this picture of the Salt Lake Temple.” As soon as we walked out the door, we met this lady who was looking for someone living in our apartment complex. Her name is Rustie and she had been to our church many times in San Diego with her friends many years back and with some friends here in Silver City as well. We asked her if she had ever been to the San Diego temple and she said, “Yeah, I have. . . but have you seen the one in Utah?!” I had the picture in my hand and said, “this one? ? ?” She said, “Oh yeah, that’s the one. It’s so amazing. Can I have that picture?” I said, “Sure.” (I was just laughing at how perfect Heavenly Father’s plan is.) Then she asked us to come to her house and teach her!! So, she might actually be in the Elder’s area, but I know we were lead to find her that day and it was really cool!! At first, my companion and I were so confused and felt incapable of following the Spirit, but then we just kept following the small promptings that we got, and it ended beautifully. It reminded us of Elder Uchtdorf’s talk from last conference “Waiting on the Road to Damascus.” I really learned first hand that the Lord gives us just what we need to get along and won’t show us the miracles until after our faith is tested. I am learning more and more of how to follow the Spirit like that and receive inspiration. I have learned that you really need to seek it sincerely. A half-hearted prayer will not yield the mysteries of God. I have been feeling more and more charity for the people we’ve been teaching and have been praying for more revelation of how we can help them individually progress in the gospel. I have seen many more miracles come from that, and it is really neat.

Yesterday, we found Greg. We went to teach Jermain at the same house (every time we go to that house, someone different comes to the door). Anyways, Greg came outside and talked to us eagerly. After a minute, we talked to him about how the power to baptize has been restored to the earth. He said, “No way, I was just saying the other day that I needed to be baptized again.” We set up a baptismal date and then taught him the first lesson. It usually goes the other way around, but right now he’s on fire. I hope he continues to progress. He recognizes the Lord’s hand in us meeting though because of the key timing. He asked if we just walked around “preaching the word”. He asked if he could go around with us. haha. And after Sister Vawdrey told him the First Vision, he said, “You memorized that? You deserve a grammy.” (And he gave her a hug-haha.)

Later we were driving around and a dog was blocking the road. As we slowed down and got closer, it still didn’t move. So, we were both sitting there staring at each other (the dog and we). So, we figured we better go talk to whoever lived there. Turns out, we found Kevin. Kevin is not very happy. He used to believe in Christ and now he doesn’t. We bore testimony of repentance and the healing power of the atonement. He told us he was a stubborn-a@%, so we eventually left, but I think we got him thinking again, and he said he would pray and read about the Plan of Salvation. We plan to check up with him in the future. : )

I may have told you this before but I can’t remember. Once we were at this girl Jenny’s house and her son was being distracted so Sister Call tried to play with him so we could teach. The son, Diego, wanted Sister Call to follow him to his room and Jenny said, “yeah, it’s okay.” Sister Call said, “I’m not allowed to be alone with children.” And Jenny said, “Why. . . what’d you do?” with this concerned look on her face. We had to explain that all missionaries have rules that they can’t be alone with children to keep us safe from accusations and stuff. It was really funny though.

Well, I think that’s about it. My companion is great. Sometimes we just get really tired. Neither one of us are morning people. : ) We still try to get up early at 6 though.

The work is progressing!!

Love you all!

-Sister Bryce

July 19-HOLA

13 Nov

Hola, hola!!

New transfer, I am still in the same area. I guess I still am needed here.

Everyone here thinks I’m Mexican still y estoy feliz.

I was kinda sad to stay here in the English area at first, but the other night, one family of our investigators told us how happy they were to hear that we were staying and that we didn’t have to leave. It was so tender, it made me happy I was staying for a bit longer after all.

Our area is kinda struggling right now. Fred dropped us because he started listening to some of his “new age christian” friends and Satan tambien. We are hoping he comes to his senses. He asked us to write him a letter and I told him that I had never seen so many miracles and positive changes in anyone else that I had taught before. He just claimed that he had always had good things happen to him, but, I know that we promised him the specific and exact blessings that he received as a result from listening to and keeping the commandments. He is just struggling. I still pray for him.

Princess and Marley and their Dad Richard (also an investigator when he’s sober) are going to Mesa this weekend and they told us they would stop at the temple and go through the visitor’s center. I told them that was a very special place for me because that’s where my family was sealed when my parents got married. I love their family so much. I just want to help them more. Richard has had a rough past, and he still drinks ALL the time. His daughters worry about him a lot. and he is living with his girlfriend (a less active member) and her son who is pretty young. Richard really likes the gospel and has been to two baptisms and church once. He is just coming along very, very slowly. But, he expressed to us how much happier his daughters are since we have come to teach them and how he would like to spend more time learning. He says that while he’s not intoxicated and it’s hard to find him like that when we come to teach all the time. Princess is seeming a lot happier too. We taught a really powerful lesson on temples and she really wants to go when the youth go in the beginning of September. She said she knows she needs to be baptized to go, but she doesn’t want to do it yet. We are still working with her patiently. She knows it’s true, but is kinda being a stubborn 14 year old and not wanting to do what people tell her to do. ya know. i love them so much though. We ran in the house and did all their dishes last night. They wouldn’t let us, but we just snuck in anyway. It made me really happy to do just a small thing for them.

One really funny thing that happened was when Ramon was praying after a lesson and one of my companions heard him say Jesucristo, so she said “Amen” in the middle of his prayer. The other two of us looked up at her like she was crazy, and then we tried to hold in our chuckles for the rest of the prayer. He continued which was good. It was really funny though.

I can tell I am being a good missionary because my sense of humor is only funny to other missionaries. We did a skit of some of the funny people we have met for the singles’ branch talent show, and no one laughed. . . they wouldn’t understand. We thought it was funny.

I’m going to send you some pics, stay tuned!

Love you all!

-Sister Bryce

July 11-BIIIIIIG Fuzzy Spider!!!

13 Nov


July 11-La semana pasdad…

13 Nov

Hola, hola,

Teaching in Spanish otra vez has been really fun. This one guy Juan thought I was chicana (Mexican). I was honored. Don’t know how interested he is though.

Our trio is working out really well. It’s difficult because we have two areas to cover instead of one, so we are really busy. But, we are having so much fun!! And the work is progressing, lo mas importante.

I met the Senior missionaries, the Morley’s, son-in-law who served his mission in Knoxville back when President Benson was the mission president. We had a great conversation about Shoney’s, the Vols, and how I got to grow up in the best place in the world. (that’s what he said.)

So this past Saturday, a man whom we were teaching, B—-, was baptized. It was a marvelous service. Many of our investigators got to come and feel the Spirit there. Our ward mission leader baptized him, and he had to do it twice because he forgot to say Amen. haha.

We have a lot of really strong investigators right now. Our numbers are fewer, but their preparation is greater. It’s really quite wonderful to teach all of them after the Lord has been working with them for a long time. It just reassures me that He is preparing people all around us. We just have to find them. : )

Also, a really spiritual experience happened for me this past week. The elders had done service for this one lady named RM and they told us we should go by to visit her. When we contacted her I almost instantly felt connected to her in some way. She was very nice and immediately welcomed us into her home (which is kinda unusual). As we sat and taught her, the Spirit was very much present. As I was testifying to her that Christ’s church is again on the earth and that every one will have the opportunity to know it, I also felt impressed to say that we can know if we set aside the things we want to seek what the Lord wants. After I said that, she said it reminded her of a difficult, but spiritual time in her life . . . then she looked very deeply into my eyes (that happens a lot because I try to stare into people’s souls) and she said “When I look into your eyes, you look very familiar to me, like I have known you before, like I knew you in the Spirit World.” We hadn’t even taught her about that yet. It was so amazing. I told her that I know that I was there with her then and I promised that I would find her and tell her this message about the Restoration. Then we committed her to pray about our message to know of it’s truth. She said no before, but that time she agreed. I don’t know what will happen. But, I do feel as though I have kept my promise that I made a long time ago, to find this child of God and deliver His message in hopes of saving her soul and reminding her of the things she once knew.