Rapid Growth & New Address as of April 1st

21 Mar

Email from 3-11-2011  8 Investigators and counting…

Hi all,
Yes, yesterday we went to the Gila Valley Temple, so it was our P-day. But since we had so much driving, we ran out of time yesterday to email. So, we got permission to do it today. Also, Tuesday is transfer day so that will be our P-day next week.

The temple was really beautiful! I saw a woman who works in there with a name tag that said “Mary Bryce.” I was like, ” Hey, that’s my last name.” She didn’t seem too excited, but I’m not used to seeing other people with my last name. I talked to a Brother Waters at the reception desk, and he said that he is a cousin to the Bryces. So I was related to him too. He told me we’re related to half the people in the Valley, and he had to leave the valley to find a wife.

So, to catch you up, our investigator Candi got baptized last Saturday! It was a really great service, but we got nervous because she was running late and barely made it on time. We thought maybe she had changed her mind at the last minute. haha. phew.

With Sandra, we went to visit her several times, but she’s been working a lot. We actually haven’t been able to see her for a few weeks now. We’ve actually been considering dropping her, because she never keeps her commitments and doesn’t seem to care very much. But one night, her son Nick came to the door. He is nine years old, and doesn’t usually get too involved with the lessons when we go over. Surprisingly, he told us he’d been reading the Book of Mormon, he was in Jacob and reading it makes him happy! We were so excited. We are hoping to set a baptismal date with him. His older brother, Dylan, who is 13 just accepted a baptismal date yesterday. So, we are hoping to get them on board. . . hopefully Sandra will follow.

Right now we have 8 investigators. 3 have baptismal dates for the first few weeks in April. We are hoping to set at least 3 more baptismal dates this week. We’re looking forward to it.

Sister McKay, a Family, Sister Bryce

Sister Mackay is leaving on Tuesday and going back home. She has been a wonderful companion/trainer and I will miss her. : (

But, I am looking forward to the next transfer and all that comes with it.

-Hermana Bryce

Email from 3-15-2011

Transfers fueron muy buenos. I am staying in San Manuel for this one, and my companion is la Hermana Jeppsen. She is great, full of energy! I am so excited to keep working in San Manuel.

One recent miracle is with our investigator Rebecca. Rebecca has been an investigator for about a year now. She loves to study the scriptures and likes to take her time. But, she has agreed to be baptized, though we need to re-set her baptismal date. We have dropped her baptismal date because she wouldn’t come to church. But she told us she wasn’t comfortable going without a dress on. Just yesterday, she was so excited to show us three dresses that had finally arrived. So, she can finally go to church!! That means she can finally be baptized! Ojala!

Yes, we have been visiting Dana more frequently and she is doing a little better, she just makes silly excuses for not coming to church. But, she is really nice.

I met these crazy people that are related to the Rogers family. This one guy in our ward had me go to this lady’s house to “obtain a record of my history”. I felt like Nephi. This crazy lady had me go and pick up a story about the first Rogers to join the church. It’s actually really interesting. I’ll see if I can send it to you. You might already have it.

Anyways, Sister Mackay is leaving which is sad, but all is going well. We are excited to see more miracles in San Man.

Say Good-bye to the Cast!

Simon Says...Thumbs UP!









Email 3-21-2011

So, good news. . . we have 32 investigators. Can you believe it? We needed a bus to get everyone to church on Sunday because they didn’t have enough cars. We didn’t actually get the bus, but we did get many of them rides. But, it’s such a blessing. We are so busy that we don’t have time for lunch and dinner breaks. We just eat on the go so we can teach as many lessons as possible. It’s so wonderful the people that the Lord is blessing us with to teach!

The Ortiz family is so sweet. They really love to learn more about what we know. We take for granted so many bits of knowledge. Like god is three separate beings. Also, that we had a life before this one. Simple cosas como esas. The Ortiz family wants to find more hope in the world today. They want a better life for their children sin violence and other bad stuff like drugs. We asked the father if he would like to be baptized on 16 of Abril. He said no. . . .then he said, “but I can do it on the 19th.” (In spanish of course.)

We have also been so blessed with all of our Hispanic investigators.

Dylan, Sandra’s son is going to be baptized on April 9th. And we have several for April 16th so far. It’s so exciting. Dylan is a great example to his family. His mom wasn’t willing to keep the Word of Wisdom, but he is. She’s not willing to go to church so she can be baptized, but he loved church on Sunday. It is so wonderful. And I know that with him as an example, the rest of his family will fall into place eventually. His younger brother Nick is going to be baptized, hopefully one week after he is.

I love teaching entire families, because then they can go to the temple one day and be sealed!

Anyways, I hope you are doing well. How are YOU Dad?

Our mission office address will be different, effective April 1, 2011. It is:
Arizona Tucson Mission
939 W Chapala Rd.
Tucson, Arizona 85704-4516


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