April 18,2011

5 Jul

I do not have much time this week. We just went on hike, and some people got so sick because of the heat, that it took longer than we planned for. I am doing an exchange for the next few days. And then next week is transfer week so I will email you on Tuesday, not Monday.

Miracles have been happening everywhere though. We have had so many people to teach and they are just loving the gospel! One miracle is on Sunday we were bummed because one of our investigators who was supposed to come to church and get baptized this Saturday chose not to come. We talked to him about it right before church and he said Heavenly Father told him to come, but he didn’t want to. : ( We went to church crying a little bit. But then two new investigators just showed up at church. It was a miracle!! One of them, her name is Tammy and Uncle Gary told her to go to the LDS church after she had just wound up in San Manuel. She used to work for him in Phoenix. Anyways, she sees it as a sign that I was a missionary there, and she says she was led there to go to that church. Amazing!!

The other new one is a woman named Sherri. Sherri felt pressured to go to church growing up by her lds grandparents, so she never got baptized. But, she came on Sunday and said that her life couldn’t get much worse and she is ready to study the scriptures that she has always had. We are excited to teach her.

All is well. I am tired after that hike and being in the sun all day, but it was really nice to get some great exercise. It was about 5 miles I think.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter holiday! I am really excited. We are eating at the McRae’s for Easter. We eat there almost every Sunday. They are so wonderful to be around. So we always look forward to going over for Sunday Dinner.

I am really learning a lot and improving as a missionary, I think.

Tell Dad, I hope his hospital visits have been productive. I will pray that they can take care of that problem!
Grammy too, I pray for her health.
And everyone else too for something or another. You will see what I pray for when you get it. hahahahhahaha.

Well, I love the Lord and need to go serve him now. I love you too and will miss you on Easter. I look forward to talking to everyone soon on Mother’s day though. I don’t know much about it yet, but I got your new number and will let you know the details when I get them. Mwuah.

Que vaya con Dios mi familia!
-Hermana Bryce

n milagro que pasado, tuvimos una nueva mujer a la iglesia este domingo pasado. Ella nos dijo que algien le dijo a ella (Tammy) debe assistir a la iglesia en San Manuel porque ella recentemente muvio alla. Al hablando con ella, me dijo, “Tu tio me dijo a venir esta iglesia este domingo.” Ella conoce a mi tio Gary Bryce y trabajo por el en el pasado. Y ella estaba hablando con el cuando le recomendio a ella La Iglesia de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias. Bueno!! Mi familia tiene animo sobre eso!

Todo esta bien. Estamos sirviendo con diligencia y estamos tratando hacer todo que podemos. Nuestro companerismo es tan bueno y nos estamos mejorando mucho como misioneras, yo siento.


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