May 16, 2011

5 Jul

Hola a todos

Este semana pasada fue un “roller coaster”. Habian muchas cosas dificiles y muchas cosas maravillosas.

Dos milagros:

Uno. Uno de nuevos investigadores, con una fecha bautismal en 11 Junio 2011, vinio al bautismo de R— (una investigadora de otras misioneras en nuestra zona). El Espiritu estaba tan fuerte y la paz estuvo tan especial. Cuando R— se levanto del agua, achazo las manos en el aire y sonreyo tan grande! Luego, a fuera de la capilla, lo hizo otra vez y nos dijo, “todo esta bien ahorita.” Fue una experiencia bonita. Y nuestro investigador nos dijo, “Ese fue ‘lovely.'” Despues, le damos una “tour” de la capilla para prepararle por los Domingos. Se divertia y nos dijo, “son las nueve de la manana?” Entonces, el vinio a la reunion sacramental el dia proximo. Mi companera y yo nos encanta cuando investigadores vienen a la iglesia y guardan compromisos en general. El le gusto la reunion sacramental, pero se perdio la pan durante la Santa Cena. Fue chistoso a mi, pero el estuvo nervioso. Pero, ?que se puede hacer?

Dos. Uno de nuestros investigadores, lo encontramos en el Lunes a traz, habia hecho una fecha bautismal con nosotras despues de la primera leccion. Y tuvimos una cita en el proximo dia. Al regresar, su apartamento fue “empty.” El habia movado. Yo estaba como, “Pues, que paso? No entiendo.” Entonces, toque en las puertas en los dos lados. Como producto, encontramos dos mas gente ensenar. !Ayayay! Uno de ellos es mas sincero que el otro. Pero, el milagro paso cuando estabamos hablando con nuestro nuevo investigador en lo cual vamos a llamarle Hermano C— (no es su nombre real). Pero, Hermano C—, nos dijo que el habia leido el Libro de Mormon porque el esposo de su hermano es Mormon. Entonces, ensenamos un poco del Libro de Mormon y la restauracion. El nos dijo, “That’s what I’m looking for.” AHHHHHHH! Perfecto! Regresamos el proximo dia y el no era alla por nuestra cita. Fue un poco triste, pero sintio bien–consuelo del Espiritu. Le escribimos una nota en la puerta y salimos. Volvimos el proximo dia y le ensenamos la primera leccion–la restauracion con mas informacion. El espiritu fue tan, tan fuerte. El fue un “Marine” y tiene dificiles dormiendo a veces. Siempre se levanta son las 5 de las mananas. Pero, nos dijo muchas cosas buenas como “yo ha sentido tan mucha paz, durmi como un bebe anoche. Durmi hasta 6:30 de la manana.” Y el nos dijo sus risas son como el sol. Pueden venir todos los dias hasta muevo? Fue tan brillante! Dios ha preparado este hermano y el es muy sensitiva al espiritu santo. Siento muy privilegida ensenarle.

-Hermana Bryce

En Ingles:

This past week was a roller coaster. There were many difficult and marvelous times.

Two miracles:

1: One of our investigators came to a baptism of R— this past week. And he came to church on Sunday for Sacrament Meeting. I love it when they come to church because it means they are actually taking everything seriously. The baptism was awesome. It was for R— (who was being taught by other missionaries in our area). She is hispanic and is so funny. After she came out of the water, she threw her hands in the air in a “high V” and smiled with her eyes closed. Later, when she went out in the parking lot, she did it again and said, “Everything is okay now.” It was awesome. The next day in church she got confirmed and her oxygen tank ran out during Sunday School, so she went home. woops.

2: Another one, we got this new investigator last week and set a baptismal date with him. We came back the next day to teach him and his apartment was totally empty. I was like “What the heck?” So we knocked on both of his neighbors doors. We were able to teach both of them. One is much more prepared than the other however. He is a marine probably in his 50s and was a principal in Texas. He is attending the University here. He told us he had read the BOM bc his brother in law is mormon. He said he liked it. So we taught him a little about the BOM the first time and just got to know him better. We had an appointment for the next day, we went and he wasn’t there. So we left hima note. We came back the next day and it turns out he had been at his graduation. But he was so impressed that we came back when we said we would. We taught him a very powerful 1st lesson of the restoration. He had been prepared so much, he kept telling us, “I believe that. I believe that.” It was cool. Then, he accepted a baptismal date of June 11 and said “Of course!” It was such a privilege to teach him and to witness the Spirit teach him as we spoke. He told us he knows we are called of God; he likes that we smile when we talk and says it’s like the sun coming up; he has PTSD from being in Afghanistan 3 times, but said after he read the BOM the first night, he slept like a baby, even until 6:30 when he usually can’t sleep past 5. So far, our teaching experience with him has been wonderful. I am excited to see him progress!!!

But Heavenly Father certainly didn’t let us have those two miracles until after testing us (Ether 12:6 I think?) One of our investigators yelled at us and told us to never come back around her or her children. All we have ever done is taken out her garbage for her. She had become an investigator before I got in the area, and we’ve only been able to see her twice since I’ve been here. Both times, she told us she was busy, so we just take out her trash and ask if there’s anything else we can do. So, one day her mom came to the door and we told her we had an appointment with her daughter. She told us (with her cranky pants on) that she wasn’t home. The next day we went back and she hid behind her sister as her sister yelled at us and told us to quit harassing her. She also told us we didn’t have an appointment, but we definitely did because she told us to come back on Wednesday at 3:00. I call that an appointment. Anyways, we didn’t say anything and just walked away. They were too angry to talk to. Sister Thomas left a flower and a note on their doorstep three days later, and we don’t plan on going back.

Also, it’s been tricky with Sister Thomas’ anxiety depression. She gets really cranky and it’s hard. I just try to be patient with her and help her as much as I can. But, she has to sleep a lot which takes out of time we get to find and teach people. I’m just seeing that it’s a lot easier to do the work with two people. I pretty much keep all the records in the area book and everything, bc she doesn’t do it at night bc she says she gets overwhelmed. She says she’ll do it the next day, but I know it won’t get done unless I just do it. . . otherwise their records won’t be as detailed or complete and someone is bound to get forgotten.

Also, we invited a homeless boy Wyl, whom we’ve been talking to on the street, to dinner and an institute lesson. He came for dinner, and sat down for the lesson. When the passed him an institute registration slip, he literally ran out the door. He also started laughing after the teacher said Joseph Smith. He is really crazy I think he’s done a lot of drugs. But, I was really sad bc I wanted him to make good friends and feel the spirit. Later, the institute teachers asked us not to invite people like that there anymore. Sister Thomas and I were sad because we are supposed to talk to EVERYbody, and we were just trying to help him. So, yup the week had its sad moments, but good ones too.

But, it’s all good. We are going to have a much better week this time around and work really hard to do the work. It really is work, especially when your companion isn’t running on all four wheels.

Anyways, love you all! have a great week!
-Sister Bryce


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