May 23, 2011

5 Jul

Hola a todos

This past week has been so so so wonderful, which made up for two weeks ago which was really tough. So many ups and downs on missions, so you just have to endure the trials so the miracles follow. And that is soooo true!

Three of our investigators came to church this past Sunday. Also, one less active and one less active family came. It was a miracle. So, two of those investigators-Marley and Princes (12 and 14)- we gave a church tour to on Saturday with a young woman and young women’s leader. Afterwards they went out for ice cream at DQ. Then on Sunday, the leader was able to pick them up and bring them to church. They stayed all three hours and especially enjoyed young womens. I am really grateful for the support of the ward members here; they are so helpful and willing to serve. Also, the young women asked when the girls were getting baptized and Marley said, “June 11. . . or sooner.” Her date is set for June 11, but she wants to be baptized sooner. She is so cute!

Other than that, we have been very very busy, which is a huge blessing from the Lord. We have been working hard here, and the last two days, we picked up 11 new investigators. Some were referrals from members, some we tracted into, and some were simply placed in our paths. What’s really exciting is there are about three whole families that we get to teach. One is so humble. The Dad is in AA with two of our other investigators (jaja) but he is really seeking the truth. They are actually married (which is kind of rare these days) and have 5 daughters. We have another appointment with them tonight and we are going to try to get them set up with baptismal dates and progressing in the gospel. Everything is working out so well! We are really being blessed in this area.

We had to give one of our investigators to the Elders because he was having some Law of Chastity issues involving pornography and President and our Zone Leaders didn’t want us to teach him anymore. But, we are excited, because we lose sleep over him. Now that he’s not under our stewardship, we will be a lot more at peace. I will miss playing with his kitten though. But the other day we found like 20 kittens under someone’s porch. It was sweet!

These people are like our children. You have to teach them so much. My companion pointed out to me that we are the only religion that knows Christ bled from every pore in the Garden of Gethsemane. It’s only found in Mosiah 3:7 and D&C 19:18. No wonder everyone skips over the garden where Christ did his greatest suffering and focuses on the crucifixion. That was interesting.

As a hobby now, we collect JW literature from people’s doors when they’re not home. We are coming up with quite the stash. So, if anyone wants some. . . jk. But, it’s so interesting to see how confused they are because they lack the revelation and interpretation of scriptures. Also, their Bible is farther off than the King James Version. Considering that they take the bible so literally, you’d think they’d want the purest version. Who knows?

I think that sums it all up. This transfer (6 week period after which there’s a possibility we can be moved) has flown by with only this and next week left. But it’s all good. Today, we are going to learn how to make stained glass because one of our investigators owns a stained glass shop and wants to teach us. It should be fun, even though we really don’t have time for it. P-days are busy, not relaxing at all. That was a lie and a myth that you don’t realize until you come on your mission. On the Best Two Years they made it look like a field day. But, no. Also, you don’t get to wear pants on that day-still skirts. Just so the myths are cleared up.

Entonces, enfriate mi querida familia. (that means chill)
Les amo mucho,

Hermana Bryce


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