May 31, 2011

5 Jul

Hola hermanos, hermanas y padres!

Okay, this past week was C-razy.

My new companion is great. We have been working really hard. She went to Duke before her mission, studying Politics, which is cool. We found a bunch of new investigators that speak Spanish, but we had to give them over to the Spanish Sisters. President wants us to only teach the English people for right now. I think because we already had a ton of investigators. I was sad at first, but I know that they will all be taken care of. We will just have to practice our Spanish mucho and pray that our next areas are all Spanish. ha.

Story 1: We went to teach this one family whom we have taught many times before and they have baptismal dates for July 9th. We went to their home on Wednesday with our ward mission leader for a lesson. We began saying hi to some of their daughters out on the front porch. Then, one of their “friends” came to the door and told us (firmly and in kind of a hostile manner) “We’re not interested; so please leave.” I didn’t know who he was and had never seen him before so I was kinda confused for a second. Then I said with a smile on my cara, “Oh, we’re here to see L—- and her family. We know them.” Then, he got more mad and said, “I’m asking you to leave the premises. They are the ones who told me to tell you that.” Because that had kinda happened to us once before I felt a little shocked and a little sad. Brother McDonald, our ward mission leader said, “Well, we know the Book of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith is a prophet.” It was great. But the girls’ faces on the front porch were so sad to see because they love it when we come over. Just a few days earlier, they gave us hugs and said, “Thank you. This is helping our family so much.” So, we gave them a rest for a day and prayed for them a lot.

Then, we were in the neighborhood one night when they were getting home. The mom jumped out of the car and called my name. So, we went over to talk to them. She gave me a hug and said, “I do not like what happened the other day. My girls told me what he said to you and unless I ask you not to come over, please come over. It makes my girls’ days when you stop by.” So, their one daughter G— was with us and had told her mom what happened and told her mom that we were her friends. S—— (who didn’t listen to our lessons at first) said she cried after we left. The mom told us she yelled at that guy and was cursing at him–that part didn’t make us feel better haha. So in the end, the relationship has been re-established. We just want the parents to listen to more of the lessons so that they can pull their kids along, not the other way around. We will keep working with them and so will the Lord.

Story 2: When we were teaching one of their neighbors P—, she told us a wonderful story about one of the daughters of L—, named L———-. P—-‘s son was murdered some time ago and she is very much not at peace still. It is taking over and ruining her whole life because she cannot let go of it. We taught her a little bit, but she says she’s not ready yet for something like this (even though we told her it’s the only thing that will help her.) But, she told us that Lexie is one of the biggest trouble makers out of the whole family. One day P— asked L—- to throw away an Otter Pop wrapper and L—- put it on Patricia’s doorstep. haha. However, she went on to tell us about a very sweet thing that L—- had done after that. She came over one day and sat P—– down and said, “I want to talk to you about your son.” L—- went on to tell her that she would see her son again someday because of Jesus and that it would be okay. She also taught P—– how to pray and told her she knew she could call God anytime. She told her she forgot his phone number, but she was sure she could call him still. Haha. That was such a wonderful story! It made all of those crazy things that happen every day worth it to know that a 5 year old could explain to a suffering older woman the Plan of Salvation.

Story 3: We tracted into this guy yesterday who is named Javier. He had a scar tattooed over his eyeball and a tear drop (which means he has killed someone). Cool right? Well, I said, “Hi, we’re missionaries from The Church.” He interrupted and said, “of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.” So, it turns out he is Mormon and has been all his life. However, he was very angry because his son had been murdered as well. A woman stabbed him in a McDonald’s that he worked in in Safford years ago. He was crazy! and very mad about it still. We tried to talk to him, but he was really grumpy. So, he told us that he also lives with his girlfriend that wants to be baptized. He told us that unlike us, he doesn’t put limits on love and that he can live with her and it’s okay. . . which is false. But then he said, “What year is it?” We said, “2011.” He said, “Welcome to Mormonism 2011.” Then he talked for a long time about how he still has a testimony and believes in Heavenly Father. He also told us to be careful around the “hood”. Then he said, “Welcome to Mormonism 2010. . . haha. He was really messed up. It’s really sad what has happened to him, but he’s handling it totally the wrong way. So, that was a weird story.

Story 4: M—- and P—– came to church this past Sunday. We were able to teach their Dad a lesson and their less-active Stepmom, P——. That was really good, because we want their whole family to be active members of the church. The Dad said he would take the lessons if that’s what the girls wanted. So, there is hope. Anyways, the girls are doing really well. They are both going to girls’ camp this week with the Young Women! They have now both told us that they know Joseph Smith was a prophet and the Book of Mormon is true. It has been really hard for them so far, because their biological mother told them she doesn’t like Mormons and that she needs to be baptized by her grandfather in the Christian church-wrong. Anyways, it is really difficult to clear up stuff like that with a 12 and 14 year old. It’s not fun to explain to them that their mother is wrong and rude and that their grandfather does not have the priesthood after their mom said he did. Anyways, we will just pray that Heavenly Father will continue to care for them, because there’s only so much we can do. He will have to do most of it and help these two girls get past all the opposition they face.

Story 5: We were tracting out in White Signal (in the middle of nothing) when we found Zach Morris’ Dad. The actor who plays Zach Morris, his dad lives there and we tried to teach him. It turns out we left him the Restoration pamphlet and he agreed to read it and pray about it. But he told us he couldn’t join our church for some reason and he will read and pray about it, but he won’t tell us if he gets an answer. . . weird people. But it was cool. He said he respects us and knows a lot of good mormons, but he just can’t join. haha. whatever. He did say that his son did a voice over for a mormon commercial once. That was neat.

So, there are a ton of fires somewhere in New Mexico and the sky is really smokey here. The air quality is not so good at the moment. It is apparently a huge fire and the smoke reaches up to Iowa. Maybe you have seen something about it on the news. I don’t know but it’s kinda hard to imagine a fire so big. The wind here is so strong too that it just keeps spreading. It’s okay though because it makes people pray and they all ask us about the end of the world and Jesus’ second coming. We get to teach a lot of people that way. It reminds me of in Helaman when Nephi prays for a famine to humble the people and remind them to turn to God. . . and it worked. Anyways, that’s just on the bright side of things. Really, it would be nice if the fires were extinguished.

All in all, it’s been a good week. Just finding and teaching people. Those are some of the highlights. Heavenly Father is definitely watching over us in every situation. We have zone training tomorrow which breaks up the mundane schedule that we have every day. So, that will be nice. It will also be a good opportunity to learn a lot.

Love you all!
-Sister Bryce


One Response to “May 31, 2011”

  1. Former BYU Bishop Steve Davis October 1, 2011 at 7:03 pm #

    I built a home in the Pheasant Hollow Subdivision, Highland, Utah and knew your companion, Sister Vawdrey.

    I just arrived in Tucson, AZ in July, 2011 to do extensive research about my father, Dr. H. Clyde Davis PhD, who was the LDS Institute Director, Uof AZ between 1954-1966. We’ll be honoring him through a massive museum and a joint venture with the Pascua Yaqui Indian Tribe. My father, back in 1964 was the geologist for the US and is the one who got the US government to give them 202 acres just south of Tucson.

    Hope you can meet my wife, Karen. She’s a famous Salt Lake Radio Talk Host. She’s an executive Registered Nurse here in Tucson representing major insurance companies and she audit several medical clinics in the area. We just moved from Moberly, Missouri after spending over eight years certifying what the Prophet Joseph Smith claimed was the location of the City of Manti, Book of Alma – four miles from our two homes there.

    Have a great Conference weekend.

    The Davis’

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