May 31, 2011

5 Jul

Hi family,

We didn’t get to email yesterday because it was Memorial Day and the library was closed. But, it worked out well, because we had an extra hour of other stuff. So for P-day yesterday, we went to Old McDonald’s farm, literally. Brother Niel McDonald is our Ward mission leader. He and his Dad own a ranch out in White Signal, so they invited us out to help with branding. hahaha. It was waaaay fun. It was gross at first, but then, after you get over it, it was kinda cool. I will send some pictures of it. So, they were castrating the cows, vaccinating them, dehorning them, and branding them. Two of the Elders went, one grew up on a ranch, and they loved it too. Elder Morley (an elderly missionary here) even got in there and was doing the castrating. It was funny. Brother McDonald’s kids were out helping too. Tom is the one in the orange shirt and he is autistic. He was super funny. He was petting two of the horses and then he conked their heads together. haha. Then, they had our Branch Stake President out there who is a vet. He was “preg-checking” the cows. He told us we should try it. So, we did and we felt the head of a baby calf inside of a mother cow. It was really gross. Also gross, we ate “Rocky Mountain Oysters”, the Steers’ parts cooked. It didn’t really taste that good, it was squishy kinda like the fat on chicken. But, we did it. Poor Tom had to carry over all the cut off private parts and the cut off ears and put them in piles. They keep count of the cows that way. They only cut off the tip of the females ears. Brother McDonald was sharpening a knife by me and said he was going to give it to me to castrate the cows. I was like, “Are you serious?” Turns out his daughter Brianna told us only the men do that job and not even grandma McDonald has done that before. I was kinda relieved, but I think I would have done it.

Then, we went back to the house and Sister McDonald had prepared us a wonderful lunch- awesome burritos- and we played with their kittens. It was a really fun day. Then, we did our laundry and grocery shopping during our dinner time. My companion got really sunburnt. I love having my skin that doesn’t burn like that.

Oh yes, my companion has been PMSing ALL the time. Bless her heart. She starts her period every other week because she’s so stressed (she’s even on birth control, but that doesn’t even regulate it), which means her hormones are always raging and she’s always extra cranky on top of having anxiety depression . . . I shall come out with the patience of . . . someone really patient. Almost as patient as Christ probably, but not really even close to that. (that’s really personal, don’t tell anyone I said that).

Other than that, yes, transfers are coming up next week, so I will email again on Tuesday, and I’m not sure where I’ll be. I could be here or I could be there somewhere else. We’ll see. I keep singing, “I’ll go where you want me to go dear Lord. . . ” Anywho, it’s the last day in May which means that it is June tomorrow, duh. But, that means I’ve almost been out five months, which means I am approaching having one year left. I never kept track of how long I’d been out before I got here, but my companion keeps diligent track, so I don’t really forget it. Also, people ask me all the time.

So, I’ll try to get some pictures up and send those too.

Our investigators are coming. It was hard to get them to keep their commitments like coming to church over the Holiday, so we are working on them. We did find a woman who speaks only spanish that we are now teaching! That was exciting!

Love you all,
-Sister Bryce

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