May 9, 2011

5 Jul


Fue muy muy divertido hablar con Ustedes ayer. La conversasion me dio animo y apoyo. Gracias por todo que me dan. La semana pasada fue un poco dificil porque muchos de nuestros invetigadores no guardan sus compromisos con nosotros y no vinieron a la iglesia. Entonces, no pueden bautizarse tanto pronto como es posible. Y cuando ellos no estan progresando, estan regresando. Eso da gozo al Diablo. : ( Pero, tengo mucha energia y voy a trabajar muy muy dura esta semana para encontrar mas personas para ensenar.

It was very very fun to talk with you all yesterday. It gave me support y excitement. Thank you for all that you do for me. The past week was kinda difficult because many of our investigators do not keep their commitments with us and didn’t come to church on Sunday (one did). Therefore, they can’t be baptized as soon as they would have been able to and they are not progressing. When they aren’t progressing, they are digressing, which is bad because it makes the Devil happy. BUT, I have a lot of energy this week and I am going to work super, super hard to find more people to teach.

My companion ahora is not as similar to me in the way that we teach, so it’s kinda a little more difficult than in my last area, but we are working on it. We have to compromise on a lot of the different ways we prefer to teach. But, without being unified, the Spirit can’t be there as strong, so it’s important to get on the same page so that the Spirit can teach people which is more important. People convert by what they feel, not what they know.

Love you all,
Que vayan con Dios y tengan una buena semana!
Go with God and have a good week!
-Sister Bryce

Feliz dia de las madres!!


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