Transfer #4

5 Jul

Hola mis queridos amigos!

Transfer news: I am staying here in my same area and my new companion’s name is Sister Vawdrey. She is from Highland, Utah and seems to be a great missionary so far. What happens is we just get a phone call the Sunday night before, and they tell us where the Lord needs us. Then on Tuesday, we drive to Lordsburg and a transfer van drives them from Tucson to meet us there (about an hour from here) and then we drive back. It’s all very organized. So, yup, we will continue working with all our same investigators. Some of them are doing well and some are not.

Brother Dominguez (the miracle investigator) moved back to Texas with his family, so we sent his information to the missionaries there to teach him. Marley and Princess (two 12 and 14 year old girls) were doing really, really well and have amazing faith. But, their entire family (except for their Dad) is against them being baptized into the church. Since they’re so young, it’s been really hard and confusing for them. Luckily, their Dad would like to listen to our lessons too, so hopefully if he is on board, they will have some support. It’s really sad bc their stepmom and step sister are both less active members, but they avoid us, because they know they’re not keeping the commandments. which doesn’t matter to us, but it makes them feel uncomfortable. Soo, that’s that. We have found 4 new investigators this past week who are singles’ branch age and three new hispanic people to teach as well. So, the work is progressing and always, always busy. We don’t even have time to write letters to our friends or anything. I have been writing the same letter to Heidi for like three weeks now. Once we do our laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning, washing the car, morning studies and exercise, there’s not any extra time. But, esta bien. I have almost been out for five months now which is crazy, but I’m glad it’s going by fast. That means we’re busy! : ) We get a new mission president at the end of this month June 28. That will be interesting. I’ve heard it can be a difficult adjustment, but we will see.

And yes, I can’t believe i stuck my hand in a cow either. But, I figured, why not. At least it’s not skydiving–that I can’t handle. But the vet was all, you can feel the calf’s head and you’ll never get a chance like this again. Once I felt it, I was like, “Okay.” I guess it was cool, but it was more gross than cool. But it was interesting and all the Elders respect us more now. haha.

Anyways, we have to go pick up our laundry and head to dinner. That’s about it. I know a lot of funny things happen during the week, but I can’t remember them right now.

Love you all,
Sister Bryce


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