July 11-La semana pasdad…

13 Nov

Hola, hola,

Teaching in Spanish otra vez has been really fun. This one guy Juan thought I was chicana (Mexican). I was honored. Don’t know how interested he is though.

Our trio is working out really well. It’s difficult because we have two areas to cover instead of one, so we are really busy. But, we are having so much fun!! And the work is progressing, lo mas importante.

I met the Senior missionaries, the Morley’s, son-in-law who served his mission in Knoxville back when President Benson was the mission president. We had a great conversation about Shoney’s, the Vols, and how I got to grow up in the best place in the world. (that’s what he said.)

So this past Saturday, a man whom we were teaching, B—-, was baptized. It was a marvelous service. Many of our investigators got to come and feel the Spirit there. Our ward mission leader baptized him, and he had to do it twice because he forgot to say Amen. haha.

We have a lot of really strong investigators right now. Our numbers are fewer, but their preparation is greater. It’s really quite wonderful to teach all of them after the Lord has been working with them for a long time. It just reassures me that He is preparing people all around us. We just have to find them. : )

Also, a really spiritual experience happened for me this past week. The elders had done service for this one lady named RM and they told us we should go by to visit her. When we contacted her I almost instantly felt connected to her in some way. She was very nice and immediately welcomed us into her home (which is kinda unusual). As we sat and taught her, the Spirit was very much present. As I was testifying to her that Christ’s church is again on the earth and that every one will have the opportunity to know it, I also felt impressed to say that we can know if we set aside the things we want to seek what the Lord wants. After I said that, she said it reminded her of a difficult, but spiritual time in her life . . . then she looked very deeply into my eyes (that happens a lot because I try to stare into people’s souls) and she said “When I look into your eyes, you look very familiar to me, like I have known you before, like I knew you in the Spirit World.” We hadn’t even taught her about that yet. It was so amazing. I told her that I know that I was there with her then and I promised that I would find her and tell her this message about the Restoration. Then we committed her to pray about our message to know of it’s truth. She said no before, but that time she agreed. I don’t know what will happen. But, I do feel as though I have kept my promise that I made a long time ago, to find this child of God and deliver His message in hopes of saving her soul and reminding her of the things she once knew.


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