July 19-HOLA

13 Nov

Hola, hola!!

New transfer, I am still in the same area. I guess I still am needed here.

Everyone here thinks I’m Mexican still y estoy feliz.

I was kinda sad to stay here in the English area at first, but the other night, one family of our investigators told us how happy they were to hear that we were staying and that we didn’t have to leave. It was so tender, it made me happy I was staying for a bit longer after all.

Our area is kinda struggling right now. Fred dropped us because he started listening to some of his “new age christian” friends and Satan tambien. We are hoping he comes to his senses. He asked us to write him a letter and I told him that I had never seen so many miracles and positive changes in anyone else that I had taught before. He just claimed that he had always had good things happen to him, but, I know that we promised him the specific and exact blessings that he received as a result from listening to and keeping the commandments. He is just struggling. I still pray for him.

Princess and Marley and their Dad Richard (also an investigator when he’s sober) are going to Mesa this weekend and they told us they would stop at the temple and go through the visitor’s center. I told them that was a very special place for me because that’s where my family was sealed when my parents got married. I love their family so much. I just want to help them more. Richard has had a rough past, and he still drinks ALL the time. His daughters worry about him a lot. and he is living with his girlfriend (a less active member) and her son who is pretty young. Richard really likes the gospel and has been to two baptisms and church once. He is just coming along very, very slowly. But, he expressed to us how much happier his daughters are since we have come to teach them and how he would like to spend more time learning. He says that while he’s not intoxicated and it’s hard to find him like that when we come to teach all the time. Princess is seeming a lot happier too. We taught a really powerful lesson on temples and she really wants to go when the youth go in the beginning of September. She said she knows she needs to be baptized to go, but she doesn’t want to do it yet. We are still working with her patiently. She knows it’s true, but is kinda being a stubborn 14 year old and not wanting to do what people tell her to do. ya know. i love them so much though. We ran in the house and did all their dishes last night. They wouldn’t let us, but we just snuck in anyway. It made me really happy to do just a small thing for them.

One really funny thing that happened was when Ramon was praying after a lesson and one of my companions heard him say Jesucristo, so she said “Amen” in the middle of his prayer. The other two of us looked up at her like she was crazy, and then we tried to hold in our chuckles for the rest of the prayer. He continued which was good. It was really funny though.

I can tell I am being a good missionary because my sense of humor is only funny to other missionaries. We did a skit of some of the funny people we have met for the singles’ branch talent show, and no one laughed. . . they wouldn’t understand. We thought it was funny.

I’m going to send you some pics, stay tuned!

Love you all!

-Sister Bryce


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