June 13 “Que Pasa Wey?”

13 Nov

Hola mis amigos.

Many funny and amazing things have happened this week. Let’s get started.

(funny quotes from non-believers)
1. While tracting, we found this guy who just wanted to argue with us, so we just smiled at him as big as we could and laughed at all the funny things he said on the way to our truck. : ) He was trying to tell us that we don’t believe in the Bible or Jesus Christ, just the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith- WRONG! But here’s what happened:

He was all, “Where’s your Bible?”
I was like, “It’s right here in my bag.”
He responded dramatically, “Well, what good does it do you in there?”

hahahahahaha, we have been asking people that question a lot and it’s gotten to be really funny, maybe because we’re in the sun a lot.

Then he said, “When was the last time you opened that Bible? You’ve been walking around for hours and I’ll bet you haven’t even used it once.”
He didn’t listen, but I said, “Like 20 minutes ago.”

That was great.

2. We talked to a guy who was not interested and told us, “Well my faith is ‘Catholism’.” He’s obviously very devout.

3. We tracted into a woman who started crying as soon as we started talking to her. She was afraid of listening to anything that would take her away from Jesus Christ. We told her that we would definitely not do that. But then, she got hostile. She asked us if we had “our bible” with us. So, I took out my quad and she freaked out. She took it from my hands (not cool) and was looking through it. Then, she asked, “What kind of Bible is this?” We said, “The King James Version.” She said, “Oh good, that’s the kind I use.” Then she was looking through it and said, “This doesn’t look like the King James Version.” So, we showed her the title page that said, “KING JAMES VERSION.” She still didn’t believe us and just kept crying. We were sad, but also entertained. She would only accept a pamphlet and an invitation to read it. We wish her the best.

(separate post–weekly update)
This last week has been soo good. The Lord’s work is really progressing because we have tried to involve him in it as much as possible. We both feel grateful to have qualified enough to receive a lot of inspiration lately which has brought many miracles. Here’s what’s been going on:

1. My companion looks like Emily O.They act totally different, so it took me a while to notice it. But, they look so much alike. haha

2. Two of our investigators have really been doing well. They went to Girls Camp last week with the Young Women and came to church on Sunday. Their mom used to be against them getting baptized and tried to talk them out of it all the time. However, they have both talked to her and told her that they really want to be baptized because “they know Joseph Smith was a prophet.” Now their mom is okay with it and wants to learn more about the church. We hope that goes well! We have also been slowly teaching their Dad. They will be getting baptized this weekend! : ) I know that is only because the Lord wants them to, and they have let Him work in their lives. He has guided and will guide them them to where they are and where they’ll be in the future. They love the church and it’s been such a blessing to watch their lives fill up with more light.

3. Just a note–It is getting pretty hot here and it’s REALLY windy. Sometimes the wind knocks us over, it’s really strong. It shakes our car violently while we’re praying. But it makes it feel not as hot. I have a tan.


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