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me too, me too

7 Dec

A very important part of a sister missionary’s wardrobe-the shoes!

It is definitely a challenge to avoid those blocky, homely pairs found in the Sister Missionary Mall and sported by Sisters all over the globe. Though they are tempting, I sought for a different look as I did the bulk of my shopping recently.

Over Thanksgiving break, I foundĀ the most comfortable pair of shoes that do not look like bricks or geriatric accessories. They are a simple, black flat with amazing comfort. The brand is calledĀ Me Too, and I found this particular pair in the Union Square DSW (New York, New York). My sister was the first to tell me about them. If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t have even tried them on. But, I’m so glad I did.

Here’s how I found out the reason for calling them Me Too. I tried on the shoes, loved them, said I was going to get them. Then, Kim (my sister) tried on the same pair, loved them and said, “I’m gonna get them too.” Then my friend Rozzi tried them on, loved them and said, “I think I might get them too.”

Before you know it the whole store crowded around us and said in unison, “Me too, me too, me too.” . . . okay that last part was a lie about the whole store, but Kim and Rozzi sure hopped on board. Try them out and see if you too can say, “Me too!”