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Email Excerpts

27 Feb

No one says it better than Lauren.  So I have taken a few quotes from her weekly emails to share with you. Hopefully, she would approve of my selections.  The first two were while she was at the MTC:


“Ok, I went to the doctor and got my cast today. It is bright pink. I saw the pin and it looks nasty but at least it doesn;t hurt. I just need to contact a hand surgeon in Tucson (Dr. Richards said that would be totally fine.) I am going to try to call the mission president from the mtc. The cast is a great ice breaker though and will help me be a better missionary.
Everywhere I go everyone asks me what happened and then i can talk about healing and how the gospel can heal our spirits from spiritual death or fatigue. ; )”

“I am really loving my classes! Our teachers Hno. De Leon and Hna. Bauserman are wonderful. I have been learning so much. I am still working on getting my spanish up to speed. My companion’s dad is from Mexico, so yeah my whole class grew up speaking spanish. But some of them use incorrect grammar which throws me off bc that’s all I’m good for.”
My Class at the MTC- We're Ready to Go!
The following quotes were from emails after arriving in the Arizona Tucson Mission.  FYI- a P-day is her preparation day. It’s the day she has to do laundry, grocery shop, send me an email, and take care of the necessary chores and errands of living for the week.

“Today is P-day only bc it’s a transfer week. Usually it will be on Mondays. We have to drive an hour into Tucson to get groceries and all that stuff.. they’re sending me out to the middle of NOTHING, But on the airplane ride over here, I talked to two people about the Church. I handed out one pass-along card and told someone about All my cards are in Spanish except that one I gave away and all the people on the plane spoke English. But I want to be in a more  Hispanic place in the next transfers.. pray for me please.,
“Okay- holy scorpions and terantulas. I haven’t seen any yet, but DDAAAAAAANNNG. I don’t know about that. They said they have a ton here. Yikes. They said the scorpians only come in if your house is dirty to eat the bugs. But the terantulas can’t fit in holes to get in your house. But all the creatures here are scary. They have a lot of coyotes and snakes and bobcats (cute) and other creepy things. …   but the skylines are BEAUTIFUL!! they don’t get very many clouds ever. just clear skies. We also have a nice big truck. We ride in style here : )”
Needless to say, it will take a bit of adjusting to the new environment. I’m sure she’s up to it!

“I have been learning a lot about how God prepares us. It is interesting to talk to people and see how they have been prepared to receive the restored gospel. This one lady pretty much described Lehi’s dream in 1Nephi before she even read it. But she and her husband have been reading the Book of Mormon. We have been having more success here than ever, says Sister Mackay. We have been very blessed!”
“My love for the people in San Manuel continues to grow as I get to know them better. There are so many BEAUtiful souls here. I feel so blessed to have found some more Spanish speakers. Though we have dropped Julia (de Chihuahua bc she didn’t want to change religions (yet)), we have recently been blessed with another hispanic family that are not investigating yet, but said they would read the Libro de Mormon. I am grateful bc Hermana Mackay said she has never found so many Spanish speakers in this area until about 4 weeks ago. That makes me pretty excited!
I am learning so much and get very excited every morning to go out and find the elect whom the Lord is preparing. We moved one of our baptisms that was supposed to happen a few weeks ago to March 5th. so, we are working with Candi and trying to get her prepared for that day. We are excited for her. She is a single mother of 4 girls. Two are old enough and want to be baptized, but their father won’t give them permission. It makes it really difficult on families who are of mixed faiths. It breaks mi corazon. But we have faith that the Lord can soften his heart.
I love the scriptures and especially the Book of Mormon. I know the church is true now more than ever. The members here are wonderful and very supportive. We are so blessed.”
And so we are very blessed!